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Canfield Lace Collection
CANFIELD LACE COLLECTION... Polyphores add an understated elegance to a woodland already rife with diversity of form, texture and color.
Red-Violet Trees abstract
Red-Violet Trees
MBSu 2
Roycroft 1
Firenze 3 Tapestry
Thermocline D Tapestry
Miami 6A-2
Miami 5B-2f
Miami 5A-3b
Miami 5A-2b
Miami 3C-9
Miami 3C-5
Miami 3C-5a
Malibu 1B-1a
Miami 3A-3a
Miami 8A-7
Miami 8A-1
Miami 3A-2d7
Miami 3A-2d
E Gaube, Miami 3A-2d, digital photography manipulation, 6x6in (15.24x15.24cm)
Venezia 29
Venezia 3
Venezia 15
Venezia 30
Blocks 2
Blocks 3
Blocks 3, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 10in (25.4 x 25.4cm), $25.00
Tile 4 CP7B Tapestry
Polysiphonia J
Polysiphonia F
Gracillaria 10
Gracillaria 1
The Thermocline 5
Miss Clairol Cosmos
Miss Clairol 30
Miss Clairol 2B
Klimt Wave Tapestry 7B
Klimt Wave 6
The Critters Inside Your Head
This is an intriguing image both in terms of color and the tiny shapes inside the whole. Abstract though it is, people try to find recognizable shapes, especially faces, in order to have a point of reference. I see a chimpanzee, Miss Piggy and a rabbit. Good luck.
MBSu 10A
Abstract Red and Green
Abstract Red and Green, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 4in (25.4 x 10.2cm), $25.00
MBSu 6 orange
Digital photography and digital manipulation can reveal details the human eye is unable to perceive. The depth of this hidden detail is tremendous and always surprising, being composed of more color, more line and more shape, seemingly unrelated to the subject. The dots, lines and shapes in this image originated in an image of a slowly flowing brook.
Can-Can 5
Chicken Fish
MB 40
MB 90
Spring From Margaret's Yard
Malibu N
Malibu B
Muddy Brook, Early Summer
The Epilimnion 1
Porphyra is a coldwater seaweed that grows in cold, shallow seawater. The marine red alga Porphyra has been cultivated extensively in many Asian countries as an edible seaweed used to wrap the rice and fish that compose the Japanese food sushi, and the Korean food gimbap. Here is my interpretation.
The Epilimnion 2 (SOLD)
October 16, 1793
October 16, 1793, digital photography manipulation, 10.5 x 7.5in, (26.67 x 19.05cm), $200.00 framed Although this an abstract composition, I saw a rich brocade and lace fabric with intricate embroidery. I shifted the hue to red. The top half of the image is still somewhat haute couture but the lower area of chaotic lines and exploding shapes suggested a scenario far removed from pomp and grandeur. I was looking for a title that would explain the duality of privilege and violence. Someone came immediately to mind. The title, October 16, 1793, is the date of Marie Antoinette's execution.
Djinns, digital photography manipulation, 9 x 12in (22.9 x 30.5cm), $30.00
All Hope Abandon
Into Fire and Into Ice (SOLD)
Into Fire and Into Ice, digital photography manipulation, 20 x 13in (50.8 x 33.02cm), framed 28 x 20in (71.12 x 33.02cm) , $300.00 A very abstracted face, ghoulish in its deformity, is open-mouthed. Whether to eat or scream is the question. From Dante's Inferno: “Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.”
Tollund Man
Vincent's Trees
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