chicken fish

photo manipulation, 8x11

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Dysfunctional and Counterproductive
photo manipulation, 12x12
The Epilimnion
photo manipulation, 11.5x17.5
Tainted Love
Promise of freedom has passed from view we are one. 23.5" x 18" Graphite on Paper
Cut leaf maple 4
photo manipulation, 8x10
Cut leaf maple 7
photo manipulation, 10x8
We enter our place of creativity we are lit from within and our spirits are in motion. 24" x 18" Graphite on Paper
Our hands and hearts move in concert with each other infused with inspiration. 32.5" x 25" Graphite on Paper
Be in your world with gentle actions and soothing words answering to a refrain of unity. 20" x 38.5" Graphite on Paper
Photo Manipulation, 10x12
The Epilimnion 2
photo manipulation, 10x7.5
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