An Artist of the Natural World

Art is my creative center.
The spirit which drives and sustains me.
An experience and impression.
Diversity, growth patterns and repetitive elements.
The coexistence of order and chaos.
Imperfect beauty.

Gaube was born in 1953 and is a life long resident of the
northeastern US. Always an artist, she developed her
love of plants in her grandmother’s gardens and also
pursued her scientific side by fossil hunting in a nearby
creek bed. Gaube’s first profession was pharmacy
followed later by a BFA in Painting from
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts.

Artist Statement
Having grown up with early exposure to liturgical
manuscript painting and the art of stained glass,
it was a natural progression for me to be drawn
to the art of the ancient world, botanical art, Japanese
art and the Art Nouveau movement among others.
My work is influenced by a large and diverse group
of artists.
A love of all things found in nature is the focus
of most of my work with pencil and paper as tools
of choice. I continue to be fascinated by the complex
curves and shapes found in branches, vines, stems and
leaves and labor to present them realistically and with great
sensitivity. Minimalism is at the core of my drawings,
presenting only that which is necessary to reveal what is
hidden, humble and ordinary.
I've completed a series of large drawings of Oriental 
bittersweet, an invasive species, and I'm continuing the 
next series of random twigs and branches contrasted with 
flat, geometric elements.
Photography has become an extension of my studies of 
trees, plants and flowers. During my hikes through nearby 
conservation land I seek out interesting textures, forms
and colors. Digital manipulation produces abstraction, far
removed from the original images, which becomes  
unpredictable and striking.
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