E Gaube, Miss Clairol Cosmos, digital photography manipulation, 8 x 16in (20.32 x 40.64cm), 2017, $40.00

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MB 40
Klimt Wave 4
The Critters Inside Your Head
The Critters Inside Your Head, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 10in (25.4 x 25.4cm), $25.00 This is an intriguing image both in terms of color and the tiny shapes inside the whole. Abstract though it is, people try to find recognizable shapes, especially faces, in order to have a point of reference. I see a chimpanzee, Miss Piggy and a rabbit. Good luck.
Can-Can 6
Miss Clairol 30
Klimt Wave Tapestry 7B
911, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 12in (25.4 x 30.5cm), $30.00
Klimt Wave 1
Acacia Sine
Acacia Sine, digital photography manipulation , 7.5 x 10in (19.05 x 25.4cm) $25.00 Sketchy and abstract, amorphous shapes mesh and connect.
Klimt Wave 6
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