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Catalog, Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 13th Annual Exhibition of
Botanical Art & Illustration, 2013
American Artist Drawing Magazine, Spring 2010 Issue

 Lyme Times, 11/26/2008. Amy J Barry

" in the show that Melick finds exceptional are several
silver point (sic graphite) drawings by Ellen Gaube....
“She has some beautifully observed, very well-composed drawings of
tree branches, and the design behind the image is a very subtle but
striking configuration.” 
Randolph Melick, artist, juror
The 7th Alumni Exhibition, Lyme Academy College of Fine Art

Shore Publishing, 05/11/2011. Leah Lopez Schmalz

“Six Summit Gallery Celebrates 82 Years of Women in the Arts”
“Ellen Gaube's three mythologically titled graphite drawings are
works of immense detail. Calling to mind the botanical illustrators
of the 1800s, Hygenia (sic), Eros, and Aesclepius Unbound extend
beyond mere illustration by providing a link between subject and
philosophical statement…."
 Leah Lopez Schmalz

Making A Mark Blog, Katherine Tyrell

Reviewing The Hunt Institute's 13th Exhibition of Botanical
Art and Illustration, Katherine Tyrrell writes in her blog
"Making a Mark": "Ellen Gaube....I'm much taken by her
drawings of natural plant forms."
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