Porphyra, digital photography manipulation, 8 x 10in, 20.32 x 25.4cm), $300.00 framed Porphyra is a coldwater seaweed that grows in cold, shallow seawater. The marine red alga Porphyra has been cultivated extensively in many Asian countries as an edible seaweed used to wrap the rice and fish that compose the Japanese food sushi, and the Korean food gimbap. Here is my interpretation.

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MBSu 4
MBSu 4, digital photography manipulation, 8 x 10in, (20 x 25.4cm), $25.00 This image is one in a series of water impressions taken of Muddy Brook in rural Connecticut.
Blocks 2
Blocks 2, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 10in (25.4 x 25.4cm, $25.00
Venezia 15
Klimt Wave Tapestry 7B
Miss Clairol 2B
Venezia 30
Acacia Sine
Acacia Sine, digital photography manipulation , 7.5 x 10in (19.05 x 25.4cm) $25.00 Sketchy and abstract, amorphous shapes mesh and connect.
The Thermocline 5
Wolf's Bane 3
Muddy Brook Early Fall
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