E Gaube, Spring From Margaret's Yard, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 8in (25.4 x 20.32cm), 2017, $25.00

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Acacia Sine
Acacia Sine, digital photography manipulation , 7.5 x 10in (19.05 x 25.4cm) $25.00 Sketchy and abstract, amorphous shapes mesh and connect.
MBSu 4
MBSu 4, digital photography manipulation, 8 x 10in, (20 x 25.4cm), $25.00 This image is one in a series of water impressions taken of Muddy Brook in rural Connecticut.
Can-Can 5
The Thermocline 5
Gracillaria 1
Wolf's Bane 3
The Epilimnion 1
The Epilimnion 1, digital photography manipulation, 11.5 x 17.5in (29.2 x 44.45cm), 18 x 24in (framed), $300.00 In a small body of water such as a pond, the topmost layer of water is called the epilimnion. It is the warmest and most oxygenated layer and is therefore home to the majority of plants and animals.
911, digital photography manipulation, 10 x 12in (25.4 x 30.5cm), $30.00
Miami 3
Klimt Wave Tapestry 7B
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