For me, art and design are a reflection of my surroundings, thoughts, memories and relationships. Although I'm always conscious of looking, seeing and recording, the actual formulation of a design or an artwork is a result of the unconscious mixing of all the senses. I don't necessarily separate design and art into separate categories because the process of "conceptualizing" and "making" and is so all encompassing and there is an endless borrowing and sharing between two and three dimensional concepts. The idea of "craft" has transformed over the years from activities associated with the manufacture of practical and useable items such as clothing and furniture to the assimilation of "craft" into the "creation" of aesthetic works which stand on their own as artwork. As a two dimensional artist of graphite drawings and digital photographs, I'm also connected at the same time to the manufacture of jewelry, knitted items and sewn garments. The inspiration and concepts for all of this come from a stored collection of subconscious ideas. I can't just do one thing. It would be like trying not to breathe too much. Art, thought, concept, etc are autonomic reflexes which are an integral part of my DNA.
Above: My husband, Gary, and me next to a Chuck Close mosaic, NYC Subway, 2017
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