MBSu 6 orange

photo manipulation, 8x10

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Cut leaf maple 6
photo manipulation, 10x8
Executive, Judicial, Legislative
photo manipulation, 10x10
October 16, 1793
photo manipulation, 10.5x7.5
All life is exhausted still, the struggle is engaged. 36" x 58.5" Graphite on Paper
Cut leaf maple 7
photo manipulation, 10x8
Cut leaf maple 2
photo manipulation, 8x10
If we are to contemplate our intentions we must first reach a place of calm and orderliness. 20" x 16" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper
In the pursuit of intimacy one must  share the burdens of the soul and  likewise be a balm to one's companion. 24" x 18" Graphite on Paper
Papaya Blocks B
photo manipulation, 6x6
We enter our place of creativity we are lit from within and our spirits are in motion. 24" x 18" Graphite on Paper
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