Creative energy gives its light to the world and is not concerned with physical rewards. 20" x 16" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper

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Red Violet Trees Abstract
photo manipulation, 5x10
Push to Release 2
photo manipulation, 6x10
Tile 1
photo manipulation
photo manipulation, 8x10
Blocks 3
photo manipulation, 10x10
Cut leaf maple 7
photo manipulation, 10x8
Cut leaf maple 3
photo manipulation, 8x10
Last Tango
The dance of love is a twining and support of our true selves harmony prevails. 16" x 16" Graphite on Paper
If we are to contemplate our intentions we must first reach a place of calm and orderliness. 20" x 16" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper
Into Fire and into ice
photo manipulation
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