Fuscia Cabbage 2

photo manipulation, 8x10

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Cut leaf maple 8
photo manipulation, 8x10
Nike / Medusa
If there is a choice between right and wrong how and why do we choose. Graphite on Paper
It is a rare thing to shine from within be mindful of one’s actions with the perception of attaining goodness. 30" x 20" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper
The complement to one's self is a tangible goodness which compels us to flourish. 24" x 20" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper
Push to Release 2
photo manipulation, 6x10
Cut leaf maple 4
photo manipulation, 8x10
Be in your world with gentle actions and soothing words answering to a refrain of unity. 20" x 38.5" Graphite on Paper
MBSu 4
photo manipulation, 8x10
Inspire / Expire
Thoughts and words cannot exist one without the other. They are a preparation for creativity. 22" x 41" Graphite on Paper
Vincent's Trees
photo manipulation, 8x12
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