Love is a Many Layered Thing

photo manipulation

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In the pursuit of intimacy one must  share the burdens of the soul and  likewise be a balm to one's companion. 24" x 18" Graphite on Paper
Lofty aspirations should be tempered with logic and reason to remain true. 20" x 16" Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper
Nike / Medusa
If there is a choice between right and wrong how and why do we choose. Graphite on Paper
Push to Release 2
photo manipulation, 6x10
photo manipulation, 5.5x11
Red Violet Trees Abstract
photo manipulation, 5x10
Last Tango
The dance of love is a twining and support of our true selves harmony prevails. 16" x 16" Graphite on Paper
MBS Z Rose-Gray
photo manipulation, 9x6
Sanguine Scenario
photo manipulation, 12x8
We are entangled and intersect in meaningful places. 22.5" x 30" Graphite on Paper
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