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Cut leaf maple 8
photo manipulation, 8x10
Push to Release 2
photo manipulation, 6x10
Lichens growing on a tree in Oveido, Florida, are enhanced by judicious use of filters. The delicately lacy texture is beautiful.
Across the Brook
This image is full of memories for me. The view is from the rear barn door of a property we owned and loved in Woodstock, Connecticut for 21 years.
Tan and Gray Fungi 1
Monochromatic, but with wonderful repeating shapes.
Hydrangea quercifolia
Cut leaf maple 2
photo manipulation, 8x10
Fuscia Cabbage 1
photo manipulation, 8x8
CW Birch 15
I seem to be partial to "V" shapes even when formed by curves. The dramatic shape found in this bark pattern is supported by its rich texture and subtle coloration.
cut leaf maple
digital photo manipulation, 8x10
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